G.S.Science, Arts & Commerce College, Khamgaon
Vidarbha Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's

Reaccredited by NAAC with Snowgrade CGPA (3.08)


Affiliated to
Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati.
College code : 301
Program codeProgram NameCourse codeCourse NameCourse OutcomeProgram Specific OutcomeProgram Outcome
BCABCA1ST1Computer FundamentalsWill be able to understand the fundamentals of Computer such as Block Diagram of Computer, I/O devices, Memory and its types and basics of OS.Foundation of Computer System: Ability to derstand the principles and working of computer systems. Students can assess the hardware and software aspects of computer systems. Foundations of Software development: Ability to understand the structure and development methodologies of software systems. Ability of practical competence with a broad range of programming language. Foundation of mathematical concepts: Ability to apply mathematical methodologies to solve computation task, model real world problem using appropriate data structure and suitable algorithm. Applications of Computing and Research Ability: Ability to use knowledge in various domains to identify research gaps and hence to provide solution to new ideas and innovationsThe programme aims to develop the following abilities in students:
1. To impart skills required to gather information from resources and use them.
2. To give need based education in Science of the highest quality at the undergraduate level.
3. To perform experiments and interpret the results of observation.
4. To provide an intellectually stimulating environment to develop skills and enthusiasms of students to the best of their potential.
5. Use of ICT in understanding the concepts and collecting the knowledge.
1ST2C ProgrammingWill be able to understand the fundamentals of programming languages, types of languages, executabale statments. They are able to write the algorithms, draw flowcharts and develope programs in C language.
1ST3Digital Techniques-IWill be able to understand the fundamental constructional knowledge of electronics applications for developing different creativities.
1ST4Numerical MethodsWill be able to understand Numerical methods, A simple mathematical model, Rounding off Errors, Routs of Equation, Open Methods – Simple fixed point method, Solution of Linear Equations.
1ST5Discrete MathematicsWill be able to understand Functions and Relations, Generating Functions, Recurrence Relation, Boolean Algebra
1ST6Communication SkillsWill be able to understand Grammer and Vocabulory, Language Proficiency, Forms of Written Communication, Creative Writing, Imaginative Approach.
BCA2ST1Operating SystemWill be able to understand Software, Types of software, Introduction to Operating System, Functions of Operating System, File Management and Memory
2ST2Advance CWill be able to understand the Array in C. Pointers in C, String functions, Functions in C programming, structures and union in C, file handling in C. Data Structure and its type. Application of Data structure in c programming
2ST3Digital Techniques-IIWill be able to understand the principles and working of various Microprocessors. Students become well known with operations and functions of Microprocessor sucj as 80283 & 80386.
2ST4Numerical MethodsWill be able to understand Numerical methods, the concept of Curve Fitting, Least Square Regression, Interpolation, Inverse interpolation,Numerical Integration
2ST5Discrete Mathematics-IIWill be able to understand Graph Theory, Types of Graphs, Edge sequences, Trail, path, circuit’s definitions and elementary results, Eulerian graph, Fleury’s algorithm, Spanning trees, fundamental circuits and cut sets .
2ST6Communication SkillWill be able to understand Comprehension Skill, Command Over Language, Analytical Ability, Drafting Language, General Awareness
BCA3ST1Data StructureWill be able to understand the basics of Data Structure and its type. Application of Data structure in c programming.
3ST2Object Oriented Programming with C++Will be able to understand the Concept of OOP, Operations in C++, Control structures in C++, Classes, Objects, Functions.
3ST3Data-Base ManagementWill be able to understand the fundamental of DBMS, database models, E-R
3ST4Advanced Operating SystemWill be able to understand the concept of Operating Systems, Asynchronous Concurrent Processors, Concurrant Programming, Deadlock Indifinite postponement, Storage Management, Virtual Storage Management, Processor Management. Case Studies : UNIX System, MS-DOS.
3ST5ElectronicsWill be able to understand Evolution of microprocessor, microcomputer, Instruction and programming of 8085, Interfacing, Architecture of 8086, Instructions and programming of 8086.
BCA4ST1Systems analysis design & MISWill be able to understand the SAD and Project Management, system planning and MIS.
4ST2Visual BasicWill be able to understand programming process, objects, classes with their internal function, properties and external file handling
4ST3Web Designing and Office AutomationWill be able to understand the Concept of Web design, Web page construction, Web publishing and office automation
4ST4NetworkingWill be able to understand Concept of Networking, Digital and Analouge Tramsmission, Protocols, Transmission efficiency and types of communication
4ST5Advance Microprocessors and MicrocontrollerWill be able to understand 80286 microprocessor, Types of instructions, Basic instruction of 80286 and 80386 and microcontroller
BCA5ST1Core JavaWill be able to understand this technology oriented subject, which introduces purely object oriented language. It includes applet, Multi programming, multithreading, Package etc programming.
5ST2Network SecurityWill be able to understand the various Network Security Techniques, using DES, AES standards, E mail & network security using Cryptography.
5ST3Software EngineeringWill be able to understand the software development phases, Analysis, Designing, Coding & Testing. It includes various development models like Waterfall, Rapid
5ST4Computer GraphicsWill be able to understand graphical algorithms, it includes Line, circle drawing, Transformations & Animations.
5ST5E-CommerceWill be able to understand the working of E Commerce world, Business strategies, Electronics payment System
BCA6ST1NET Using ASPWill be able to understand advanced Programming Language for software development. It includes various new tools and controls to design a website.
6ST2Client Server TechnologyWill be able to understand fundamental of client Server Design, Scheduling Implementations, Semaphores & Client server Computing with Oracle
6ST3Multimedia and Its ApplicationsWill be able to understand various multimedia software’s, that uses techniques of Audio, Video, Image Processing. Production Tips & Multimedia Project Development
6ST4Software TestingWill be able to understand the Software Engineering, Testing technique useful for software Testing. It includes White Box Testing, Integration Testing, Acceptance
6ST5Advance Database Management SystemWill be able to understand the advance concepts of DBMS, like Concurrency & Crash Recovery. Types of Databases Parallel & distributed Database, Object