G.S.Science, Arts & Commerce College, Khamgaon
Vidarbha Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's

Reaccredited by NAAC with Snowgrade CGPA (3.08)


Affiliated to
Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati.
College code : 301
Program codeProgram NameCourse codeCourse NameCourse OutcomeProgram Outcome
PHDPh.D.PHD-CHEPhD, Chemistry1. Develop a logical and reasoning abilities.
2. Develop thorough understanding of green synthesis and physico-chemical properties of various molecules in solution. 3. Research outcomes and their interpretations should be clearly presented orally, elucidate in posters and in peer reviewed publications.
1) Scholars can understand the concepts and methods of research.
2) Scholars are able to develop research proposal and can work with problems.
3) Scholars become aware about the computer application in research.
4) Scholars know the softwares and its application in research.
5) Scholars learn to use various research methods for their research work.
6) Scholars can come to certain conlusion after completing the research work.
7) Scholars can continue their research work for further or PHD Ph.D. post doctoral research
PHD-ZOOPhD, Zoology1. Scholars will develop critical thinking skills.
2. Familiar with meaning, concept, nature steps types and characteristics of research in the field of fisheries viz. fish nutrition, toxicology, limnology, hydrology, immunology and fish ecology.
3. In the area of entomology, scholars will get knowledge about insects, their habit, habitat, diversity, their classification and importance of insects for ecology and environment..
4. Advanced Knowledge: synthesize the fundamental methods used in fishery, hatching techniques and fish breeding.
5. Scholars will be able to share the biodiversity data of insects to the forest department and interpret resulting data.
PHD-STSPhD, Statistics1. Scholars will develop critical thinking skills.
2. Familiar with research ideology in statistical concept and get acquainted with research analytical tools in Statistics.
3 Scholars will be able to design and analyze feasible research projects and prepare necessary proposals.
4. Student will conduct independent research analyze and interpret resulting data
PHD-BOTPhD, Botany1. Scholars will develop critical thinking skills.
2. To develop an attitude for research in Nature Sciences.
3. To enable the scholar to explore document and analyze critically different variety/species and plant material.
4. To enable the student to explore and study local biodiversity
PHD-PHYPhD, Physics1. Develop a logical and reasoning abilities.
2. Develop thorough understanding of synthesis and characterization of luminescent materials for various applications.
3. Research outcomes and their interpretations should be clearly presented orally, elucidate in posters and in peer reviewed publications.
PHD-COMMPhD, CommerceAfter completion of PhD programme the Research Scholar :
1. Acquires the skill required for data analysis and interpretation, drafting of research project.
2. Can identify the issues which require immediate solutions in respect of Commerce, Management
and Finance.
3. Can acquire the ability to generalize the issues studied as theory and proposition.
4. Can undertake Research Projects independently.
5. Can be a Consultant in the chosen area of the research.
COPCareer Oriented programFOCAdvance Diploma in Fiber Optics CommunicationCO1: Technical expertise: Implement fundamental constructional knowledge of Fiber optics communication applications for developing different creativities.career and market-oriented, skill enhancing add-on courses that have utility for job, selfemployment and
empowerment of the students.
FOCDiploma in Fiber Optics Communication.CO2: Prepare the student for challenges in the Fiber Optics communication based industry as it demand good analytical and communication skills
FOCCertificate Course in Fiber Optics Communication.CO3:- Excellent adaptability to changing work environment, good interpersonal skills as a leader in a team in appreciation of professional ethics and societal responsibilities
SLEDiploma in Solar EnergyStudent will be able to-
1. Describe the environmental aspect of non conventional energy resources.
2. Know the need of renewable energy resources, historical and latest development.
3. Describe use of solar energy and various components used in energy production with respect to applications like heating, cooking, cooling, power generation.
4. Explain the technical and physical principles of solar cell and solar collectors.
SLECertificate Course in Solar energy.
SLECertificate Course in Application of Statistical Analysis.1. Students will understand and able to develop planning skills in statistics.
2. Students get familiar with research skill in statistics with the help of statistical software.
3. Student will conduct independent research analysis and interpret resulting data
BTBCertificate course in BiotechnologyStudent will be able to acquire knowledge about genetic engineering, genetics , advanced genetics and microbiology. They will also get kweledge of introductory biotechnology with more emphasis on plant biotechnology. They wiil acquire basic techniques like gel elctrophoresis and DNA isolation techniques.
FNECertificate course in Functional English1) To enable the students to express themselves with reasonable accuracy and fluency.
2) To acquaint the students with common mistakes in spoken English and make them learn how to avoid them.
3) To make the students proficient in using basic functions of English.